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My name is Shea Bailey and I create Day Planners, Wedding Planners, Journals and Planner Accessories.  My goal is to share with and teach women how a little bit of organization can lead to success in their career's, business and life.   

I understand all the commitments and responsibilities we have today as women and it's no easy task.  With discipline, consistency and a good heart, we can change our lives and in turn, change the world.  After all, I am a wife, mom, daughter, career woman, and entrepreneur and I understand the challenges and what it takes to be organized, disciplined and persistent in order to get the results that are needed.

I purely and simply believe that anyone can create a balanced well-planned life and I am committed to sharing that knowledge with you.

Over the next few days, I'll be sending you my four best tips on how to create a well-planned life by simply organizing and prioritizing what's most important.


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Thank You so much and remember the Simply Yours Day Planner 
1. Can be personalized with your name or favorite quote for inspiration
2. You can choose the month your planner starts because we all know that planning can start at any moment.