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How many months are in my planner?

Answer: Each planner has 12 months.

Can I pick which month I want my planner to start?
Answer: Yes you can

After I place my order, how long before should I expect to receive my planer?
Answer: Our planners are hand crafted and made to order.  Your should receive your planer within 5-10 business days.  if we foresee a delay, we will contact you.

What do your pages look like?
Answer: All of our planners have a 2 page month spread with a 7 day week in a view in a horizontal layout .  We are currently creating a vertical layout for our 2017 launch. See pics on our product pages.

Why do I have to pick the month my planner is to start?
Answer: The Simply Yours Day Planner starts in January (full calendar year) and August ( Academic Year)

What is the return policy?
Answer: Due to the personalized nature, all orders are non-refundable unless we accidentally sent you the wrong item.

Does the Simply Yours Day Planner come in any other sizes?
Answer:  All of our planners are 7 x 9 with 2 new sizes to come

Answer:  Thank You for considering Bailey Craft Planners to possibly collaborate with.  We are always open and excited about new projects and would love to hear from you.  Send us an email to