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Simply Yours Day Planner

 Everyone needs a plan! The simply yours day planner was intentionally created to complement and enrich your life, no matter what stage you're currently in. With all the commitments and responsibilities we have as spouses, mothers, students, and career women, it’s not easy to remain organized in the midst of it all. The simply yours day planner is here to help you stay on track.  Creating a disciplined lifestyle by helping you prioritize and organize what's most important. 

About Shea Bailey

Having worked as an Occupational Therapist for 14 plus years and helping countless amounts of individuals and families set and achieve their long and short-term goals. I have an understanding of how organization, functional systems and a well thought out plan are key to being able to balance all the things life throws at us.

The Simply Yours Day Planner is that one tool that keeps it all together.