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Navy Stripes

$ 46.00

It is our goal to create products that complement and enrich the lives of women.  With all of the commitments and responsibilities we have as spouses, mothers, students, and career women to name a few, it’s not easy to stay on top of the busy day to day. The Simply Yours Day Planner is here to help you make sense of what you need to do, and to remind you how to get there.  It's designed to create purpose and intention by assisting women with the organization of life's most important moments! 

Planner Specs:  

All Planners run between January-December 2019

A portable size of 7 x 9 
70LB Text paper
100 plus double-sided pages
A durable stylish cover with metal spiral coil binding
15 beautiful tabs for easy go-to for each month
2 page monthly calendar spread
7 day week at a glance in horizontal or Vertical
First page personalization of your choice

Long and Short term life goals 
2019/2020 full year spread
Vacation Planning
Internet Passwords
Shopping/To Do list
Journal Your Thoughts
Blank pages for drafting 
Durable folder pocket to keep small items secure

* All Planners are made to order and will ship within 5 business days