Money Saving Tips for your Wedding





The average wedding costs $33,931, according to The Knot 2018 Real Weddings Study. Fortunately, there are ways to cut costs while still ensuring that your special day is a memorable and fun occasion for both you and your guests.


1.  “Set your budget and stick to it. Once your budget is set, it’s easy to eliminate what doesn’t fit.”


2. Get married Off-Season.  Winter weddings are not as popular as spring and summer weddings, this means less bookings for caterers, photographers, venues, etc.  You will more than likely be able to negotiate  and your wedding will be just as beautiful


 3. Trim your guest list.  Of course you want to invite every single person you've known since elementary school, but do you need to?  Stick to family, close friends and only people that wish you the very best.


4. Choose a non traditional venue such as a park or a restaurant.  These places typically do not charge venue fees.


5. Stick to flowers that are in season.  Shipping flowers in from other regions can be costly.


6. Downgrade your bar.  Serving top shelf liquor vs Beer and Wine or 1 signature drink can save you thousands.


7. Consider having a Buffett for your wedding meal.  You will save the cost of paying servers.


8. Find a good photographer that won't break the bank.


9. Find inexpensive guest favors or skip them all together.


10. Venue: Choose a Venue that's all inclusive and requires little decor. My Wedding Venue was The Proximity Hotel in North Carolina.  The venue came with beautiful centerpieces, flowers for the ceremony and a reception hall to fall in love with.  #moneysaved. 





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