If The Pen Fits


Pens are like shoes – some run, some scuff and leave track marks behind them, and others just don’t seem to go with anything – but then there is that special pair that always seem to be your go-to shoes.  They fit perfectly, they don’t squeak or mark-up the floor, and they go with everything!

 For me, there are two top contenders in my wardrobe of pens that always seem to fit just right

Le Pen Marker Pens and Paper Mate Flair Pens.

Le Pen Marker Pens



Paper Mate Flair Pens 

I just bought the Tropical Color set of the Paper Mate Flair Pens, and not only do I love the way they write, but they are so fun and colorful that they make my planner look spectacular. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the Flair Pens are actually more marker-like, with a thicker tip.  Although this may prevent the pens from being the optimal marking utensil for writing on your calendar, I found them particularly useful when writing my daily tasks in the day-by-day part of my planner. Using these pens made my seemingly dreary and jumbled list of tasks come to life in a colorful and organized manner. The Paper Mate Flair Pens are my walk on the beach in flip-flops, day out in the sun shoes that always keep me smiling as they are my go-to pens on any given day.

Of course there’s the everyday, wear’um out until they fall apart pens because I love them so much, Le Pen Marker Pens. These pens come in several different colors that all seamlessly glide across the pages of my planner. They are smooth and quick to dry so they leave behind no smudges or stray ink blots. No more tracking old mud around because Le Pen doesn’t bleed. The Le Pens’ are perfect for writing in the smaller blocks on the calendar because of they’re fine point that allows for clean and clear writing.  

When it comes to pens, much like shoes, there is no shortage of options, but picking out the best pen for the job can take time and patience. As your closet expands, so do your choices. Now it’s time to purge your closet and stick to the basics, Le Pen Marker Pens and Paper Mate Flair Pens. So the next time you open your closet door and look at all your shoes, which will you choose?

Disclaimer:  We are not affliliates of either of these companies as this is our honest heartfelt opion.  

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